Engineering Department

> Our Engineering Department is able to design and develop high-tech rubber parts,in particular rubber-metal parts or any other customised rubber product.

> The ED can work from existing plans or design a customised part from start to finish.

> The ED is involved in all the design stages
• Tools and moulds CAD design
• Rubber and rubber-metal part CAD design
ou caoutchouc-métal
• Prototyping
• Compound formulation and selection
• Manufacturing.


> Sacatec has a fully-equipped laboratory used to control all stages of production, from the testing of raw materials upstream, research and development tests (including tuning and “halt and hass” testing) through to mechanical testing after production (tension, tearing, hardness, resistance to ageing, abrasion).

Some of the equipment in our laboratory:

• Rheometer: measures the vulcanization curve
• Dynamometer: measures tensile strength and elongation at break
• Labthink VAC-V2 & Adixen leak detector – ASM 142: measures nitrogen and other gas permeability
• Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometer: Infrared spectrometer
• Flexometer: Measures fatigue
• Durometer: Measures Shore A hardness
• Kern density meter: Measures density
• Abrasion tester: Measures abrasion resistance
• Zwick ball rebound tester: Measures rebound resilience
• Rebondimètre Zwick : Mesure de résilience
• Temperature chamber: measurement of heat/fluid resistance
• etc.

Production machines

• Internal blenders
• Control station
• External blenders
• 3-roll calandar machine (900 width)
• 4 extruders
• Bonding station
• Decompression bench
• Cycling bench
• 11 injection moulding presses (160 to 500 tonne)
• 36 compression moulding presses (60 to 700 tonne)
• Bladder assembly workshop


> Quality is at the core of Sacatec’s approach and has been one of its priorities since its creation. The company has always focused on improving the different production and control phases of its products: customised compounds, bonding, gas impermeability, deflection under load, etc.
Accordingly, since 1980, the company has attained military, rail and aeronautics quality certification followed by ISO 9001 certification in 2003, then EN9100.

> Beyond ensuring the quality of the products offered to its customers, for Sacatec quality also means unit traceability, practised in certain markets, one of which is the aeronautical industry, but also the quality of service. Customer satisfaction is also measured by the number of maximum quality ratings that Sacatec receives.

> Finally, quality is also synonymous with continuous improvement practised within the company in all production stages, as well as design and support services.