Sacatec is the world leader in hydraulic bladders.

Its high-quality products are recognised by major accumulator manufacturers, such that they are marketed in more than 20 countries.
There is a large choice of bladders both in terms of size (0.1 litre to 575 litre capacity) and the quality of their elastomers which are determined according to fluid and temperatures.
In particular, their performances include: gas impermeability, resistance to high temperature ranges, etc.

These rubber hydraulic bladders are used and approved by various sectors: aeronautical, oil, military, wind turbine, among others.


Sacatec has developed specific expertise in thin wall rubber parts combining both high mechanical resistance to repeated bending and resistance to permeation – two characteristics required in the hydraulics sector.
But rubber membranes used for different purposes have also been developed for other sectors.

The company manufactures hydraulic rubber membranes for breakers. They are submitted to high frequencies and have a long operating life and optimum level of water tightness. For that, a compound suitable for operation under stress and resistant to shocks has been developed.


Sacatec is specialised in rubber-metal parts and makes anti-vibration components for train trailers. The company has developed specific compounds to meet the objectives of the specifications: operating life, resistance to mechanical and safety constraints.

Sacatec has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of anti-vibration mounts for specific vehicles and civil engineering machinery, such as anti-vibration pads for compactors, etc. These parts can be installed on numerous vehicles.

As for the rubber-metal anti-vibration mounts for agricultural machinery, Sacatec has optimised their geometry and perfected bonding on polyamide inserts to increase the life of the tools.


Thanks to its expertise in developing rubber compounds and moulding thin wall parts combined with its experience in bladders, SACATEC has mastered the design and manufacture of complex-shaped bellows subjected to the stringent requirements of the rail and armament industries, among others.

The company has developed specific compounds with customisable geometry so the bellows can be installed in various different configurations.

Finally, the rubber compound has excellent properties in terms of resistance to cold temperatures, shocks and abrasion, as well as excellent performance in outdoor environments, such as: ozone, UV, rain, etc.


Sacatec has real know-how in designing flexible bushes.
Developed and manufactured for varied and demanding industries such as:
– Agricultural machinery;
– Automotive industry;
– Rail;
– Industrial equipment;
for effective and reliable vibration insulation.


Sacatec manufactures shock-absorbing parts combining rubber and metal for vehicles and articulated lorries.
These parts offer high resistance to distortion under load.

The company also manufactures impact stops and progressive stops.


Sacatec manufactures rubber pads for civil engineering crawler track machinery for road use. The rubber compounds developed to manufacture these pads enable them to resist abrasion, tearing, load, temperature (projection of hot bitumen) and cleaning agents. The geometry is also designed to offer the best possible stability and maximum operating life.

These rubber pads not only protect the surface but also minimise
noise pollution.


The rubber episcope seals for the armour plated machinery manufactured by Sacatec offer optimal water resistance and a long life in all aggressive environments and over a wide temperature range. To perfect them, it was necessary to optimise their profile and develop a specific elastomer blend.

Sacatec manufactures rubber parts in linear shape that can be up to 4 metres long.
Their characteristics: their precise geometry, the quality of their water resistance and their long life.


The cementing plugs for oil wells manufactured by Sacatec offer consistent sealing performance and resistance to significant stresses, aggressive sludge, strong pressure and high temperatures.
Developing these rubber plugs took almost one year and a significant financial investment to design one part with optimised geometry.


Tubano rubber hoses are used to extract vehicle exhaust gases in garages and industrial pollution clean-up equipment. These rubber pipes are made using an original technique which gives them a high-performance structure and exceptional characteristics in terms of bending and recovery after crushing.
They are integrated and distributed by SACATEC EQUIPEMENT..


With more than 50 years’ experience and expertise in the formulation of specific rubber compounds, SACATEC designs and produces rubber compounds to meet the specific requirements of its customers.

Our laboratory and chemists have, as an example, developed compounds for varied applications and sectors.
• Excellent resistance to extreme temperatures
• Excellent resistance to chemical attacks
• High hardness for shoe soles
• High resistance to abrasion for screens
• Insulating compound for overmoulding of electrical outlets
• Loaded compound radiation protection
• High-density, coloured compound loaded with metal particles for glove boxes.

These compounds are supplied in formats that ensure the best possible integration of the final product into our customers’ manufacturing processes.