> The numerous rubber moulded parts manufactured by Sacatec for the rail industry have been recognised for years: anti-vibration parts and systems, water-resistant components, bonded membranes, etc.
> Supplier for almost 40 years and Member of the FIF (French Railway Industries Association). SACATEC meets customer needs in terms of: operating life, impermeability, resistance to abrasion, chemical products, vibrations and high and low temperatures, self-extinguishability, fire/smoke classification.


> To meet the specific requirements of the specifications set out by companies in the hydraulics industry, Sacatec creates very thin hydraulic bladders and membranes that are resistant to chemical agents and effectively address problems related to the separation of gas/fluid media, as well as anti-extrusion rings.
> Sacatec is the world leader in this market.


> Designing and manufacturing moulded rubber parts (often of significant size) that are reliable and highly resistant to wear, stress, abrasion or hydrocarbons. These are the main features of the solutions that Sacatec develops for its customers in the civil engineering sector.
> The rubber parts manufactured for the civil engineering sector comply with all the standards of these environments: finisher pads, track pads, hydraulic membranes, engine mounting systems, shock absorbers, anti-vibration pads for compactors, etc.


> For the Aeronautical, Land and Naval sector of the Defence industry, Sacatec designs and manufactures customised rubber parts that are highly reliable and, in particular, able to resistant high temperatures, abrasion, strong vibrations, etc.
Sacatec is EN 9100 certified.
• Bladders for life vest launching equipment for helicopters
• Stops for missile harnesses
• Episcope seals
• Tank support wheels
• Infrared viewfinder seals
• Thermal protection for missiles
• Suspension membranes for tanks
• Water-resistant bellows for aircraft carriers
• Anti-vibration mounts for light-armoured vehicles.


> Sacatec is active in various industrial equipment, naval and electrical sectors, among others.
> The company is experienced in the specific features of moulded rubber parts for harbour equipment: marine defenders, exhaust gas dampers, plate stops, bellows with injectors, etc. with resistance to high stresses, ageing control and rubber-metal bonding offering excellent durability in the marine environment
Sacatec is also experienced in the specific requirements of the electrical industry for which it designs rubber parts composed of insulating compounds or conductors: stops, bellows, flexible bushes, pre-stressed bushes, etc.


> Sacatec has extensive experience in the agricultural and food processing sector.
> The numerous and varied rubber parts that it designs (often similar to those in civil engineering) and develops for its customers, meet all the stringent criteria for robustness and reliability: anti-vibration mounts, bushes, etc.


Companies working in the oil drilling sector know they can rely on Sacatec to create customised rubber parts that meet the very specific requirements of their specifications: problems related to water resistance, harsh and aggressive chemical environments, resistance to high temperatures, extreme loads, etc.
The quality of the formulations that the company develops are also recognised by its customers who buy Sacatec compounds directly.
The cementing plug for the drilling shaft, a very high-tech part, is representative of the rubber parts that Sacatec manufactures for the oil sector.